The services provided can be broadly divided into

1. Counseling Services.

2. Studies before investment.

3. Design and supervision services.

4. Specialized design and development services.

5. Project Management services.

Counseling services may be of continuous nature or for particular projects/ problems. This maybe on the area of management, production, inspection, testing, quality control, preparation of plans, structural designs or interior decoration, Landscaping, preparation of tender documents, fixation of rates, selecting contractor, settlement of bills. They also include services such as arbitration, appearance before court, board, other judicial bodies to give evidence or present professional opinions based on engineering background and experience, appraisals to establish values of various assets and other resources.
Studies before investments consist of investigations, which normally precede decisions for the specific requirements project. These studies will help to formulate investment polices, to determine the basics requirements and feasibility of individual projects, for changing policy decisions and operation necessary for successful implementation of functioning of the projects. The studies include also.
  • Resource inventories
  • Alternate development patterns.
  • Socio- economic surveys
  • Selection of site.
  • Physical lay – out of specific projects.
  • Preliminary engineering and cost estimates.
  • Economic and financial analysis required for project evaluation
  • The design consists of engineering skills necessary to establish feasibility studies, surveys, soil investigations etc; Basic design comprises of preliminary design, detailed design and overall supervision during construction. The service also includes tendering or bidding and award of contracts, preparation of drawing. Specifications and other contract documents to ensure the planned method to satisfy the client’s needs. Special services such as day to day supervision, special inspection, purchasing, testing, cost control etc.
    These are the developments/inventions in the laboratories by utilizing the facilities available in the Research or Educational organisations. With proper validation, the are adopted in the real life projects to attain strength and cost-effectiveness.
    Project Management is the consultancy offered from conception to completion. It is a method of project achievement involving the owner in a single contract with a firm which will handle project planning, management, design services, procurement, construction management, commissioning feasibility analysis. Project management involves increased management effort using multiple contracts for construction, materials and supply of equipment. In short the project management undertaken by the firm acts as the owner’s agent.