ARCHITECTS COMBINE was founded in September 1992 by a group of professionally trained young persons representing varied fields of expertise: Architecture, Planning, Structural Engineering, Interior Design, Landscaping and Environmental Science.

In 1992 a growing capital city like Bhubaneswar has only about 10 professional firms who were grossly inclined towards high cost constructions, and working with government project. The size was not only inadequate, the approach was also less conducive to meet the requirements of private sector.

Way back in 1948 Bhubaneswar was chosen as a place for new capital, and later the task of drafting the first master plan for the city was conceived as an administrative centre.

The famous Germany Architect Otto Koeningsberger prepared master plan on neighborhood principle with a grid pattern for a population of only 40,000 spread over 8,000 acres. By early 80 it was re-drafted to cover over 58,000 acres of land comprising 93 revenue villages. Despite such overcrowding growth, architectural considerations were seriously lacking.

When ARCHITECTS COMBINE took shape, in 1992, there was hardly any touch of architecture in the private sector, in particular. Thus the firm was an out come of the need of the time, responded seriously by a group of independent minded young professionals. The focus was on cost-effective services.